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edit58 Founder: Lisa Mehydene
rug addict, basket & bow lover, traveller, souk connoisseur, seeker of provenance, John Derian collector, former advertising director, homebody, lover of simple pleasures, wisteria whisperer.

If you are looking for a wisteria fix or a success story to cheer you up, then the hugely talented Lisa Mehydene, founder of edit58, delivers on both counts. Having quietly dreamed up and launched edit58 from her beautiful London home - the outcome of an addiction to interiors and rugs - she very quickly gained cult momentum amongst interior lovers, with a penchant for Moroccan and artisanal feel textiles. I remember coming across Lisa a good while back by chance, when she was just starting out and her stash of beautiful rugs felt like I had stumbled upon an undiscovered secret. That didn't last long... she was soon picked up by the media for her discerning eye and it didn't take Liberty London long to cotton on to edit58's appeal - with a Christmas pop up shop turning into a regular retail spot. A serial traveller, edit58 has become the test bed for many of the artisanal pieces she sources on her trips, many injected with her own twist of uniqueness to give them a personal edge. Lisa has nurtured relationships with craftspeople in Portugal, France, the US and Morocco and is constantly sourcing new ideas - the rattan scalloped shade one of her most recent sell out lines. For me though what remains special is her consistent attention to detail and high level of service - personal notes, follow up messages and a clear passion for what she does. This level of detail shows and it does make a difference. The success is deserved and I can't help but feel there will be more chapters to come in the story of this brand. 



How has your home evolved during lockdown? 
By ‘evolved’ do you mean ‘deteriorated’?! In all seriousness, our home is just having to work a lot harder right now than ever before. It is definitely evident that there are four people present non-stop (two of those under 8 years of age!) and it is now not only a space for our enjoyment, but one that also has to serve as a workspace for us all. My husband has carved out an office in the spare room, my children are working from the living room, and I continue to work at my circular desk downstairs. It has definitely evolved into a ‘busier’ space (let's not say messy!) with more demands put upon it.

How has your work had to adapt? 
As an online homewares store, I feel very lucky that lockdown hasn’t altered our business model too much and we can continue to supply our customers. The reality is that as someone that works from home, the biggest impact has been having my children around and home-schooling them, whilst trying to achieve some work too. It became evident early on that the best solution was for me to concentrate on them as much as possible in the day, and do my work in the evenings/early mornings. 

What projects have you been dreaming up?
Before Christmas we purchased a house in the Cotswolds. It needs a full renovation and that was meant to have started mid March and have been finished by summer. With builders tools down, I’ve used this ‘extra’ time to think about the decoration/furniture and had some upholstery projects completed, as fabric houses are still supplying (in the main) and my brilliant upholsterer works solo from his home workshop. It’s been a very welcome distraction!

How has your neighbourhood come together? 
I love my neighbourhood more now than ever before; from the weekly ‘clap for carers’ and endless rainbows in windows, through to a ‘Love Your Neighbour’ scheme set up by our local church that I’m participating in. It ensures the vulnerable have meals/groceries delivered and assistance as required. It has been so heartwarming to see everyone come together. Even simple smiles and waves from neighbours on our daily walks are uplifting. 

Acts of kindness - to you / by you?
So many to mention...A neighbour dropped off a desk for my children to use for homeschooling. It has made the world of difference. Suddenly they wanted to study! (I was thrilled as they were using our living room table before). Doorstep deliveries of cakes/biscuits/wine by friends and neighbours. Little packages of thoughtfulness. Gorgeous flowers sent by Kitten Grayson; the last of the tulips and some wonderful sweet peas. Cards and notes from friends - I’ve always loved receiving a written letter, but now more than ever it is sparking joy. 
In return I hope we’ve been cheering up those we love with small acts of kindness. I was missing my goddaughter, and know her favourite things are cinnamon buns - so, in lieu of sharing one with her, I sent her a box of them from GAIL’s. I think she was pleased!

Favourite space in the house to escape to? 
My bathroom! Despite the lack of a lock on the door (must get that rectified post lockdown!) it is the calmest space in the house and where I retreat to for some personal space; whether that be a soak in the bath with a glass of wine and magazine, or simply sitting on the bench and taking a few deep breaths! 


Jobs in the house ticked off the list?
I’m rather envious of people that have used this time to tackle jobs at home! I wasn’t very organised pre-lockdown, failing to purchase paint/plants etc - and then everything was sold out/had long delivery times (I ordered some fence paint 3 weeks ago and it’s yet to arrive!) Thus, lots of the jobs required still linger, and are taunting me even more as I’m seeing them so much! My drawers and cupboards are definitely tidier, though....

New daily rituals?
One of my favourite things to have come out of lockdown is the ritual of having our meals together as a family. It’s been such a highlight to share that time and converse together over good food. Morning cuddles with my children in our bed have also helped. It’s nice that we’re not all scrambling to get out the door each morning. 

Early morning fitness or another biscuit please?
I wish it was the former, but sadly it’s the latter. A classic digestive, please, with (another) cup of tea. 

What’s in your vase? 
The beautiful flowers from Kitten Grayson have been the best thing to grace my favourite Astier De Villiate vase during lockdown. Aside from those, it’s been foraged cow parsley from our walks. Free and endlessly cheering. 


What’s on the menu?
My husband is the chef in our family. On Friday, in a bid to recreate being out, he made Lobster rolls with chips and we drank champagne and FaceTimed with friends. His homemade banoffee pie has also been a lockdown highlight. 

Favourite tipple to get you through? 
Rosé wine. With the lovely weather we’ve been having, indulging in Rosé in the garden has helped add a summer holiday feel to staying home. 

What book is on your bedside?
‘She Said’ by Jodi Kantor and Meghan Twohey. I’m also rereading ‘Beautiful Ruins’ by Jess Walter.

What tunes are playing?
All my favourites; Sampher, Sam Fender, Jeff Buckley, Ray Lamontagne ...plus a random selection from my husbands Spotify. 

News updates or podcasts? 
Podcasts. I only allow myself to check the news when I wake and then again in the evening. A solo walk accompanied by a podcast, is a lockdown highlight. 

Which IG accounts have inspired you?
I love that Laura Jackson is inspiring us to “make a meal of it” during lockdown and I’ve definitely been putting a tablecloth down more than usual. Molly Mahon inspired me and my children to get blockprinting and I’ve also been enjoying the House and Garden content in lockdown. Both their work space IGTV’s and calico club virtual talks. In fact - I struggle to get to lots of events/talks normally, so I hope this is something that will actually continue post lockdown. 

What have you missed the most? 
Family and friends - especially time spent over lingering lunches and dinners. Hugs. Coffee shops. School drop-off...

What distractions are getting you through?
Planning the Cotswolds house renovation, work projects and nature. If there’s one upside to all this it’s that I’ve taken the time to go on a daily walk and really appreciate the changing scenery. 

Zoom backview?
I’ve been avoiding Zoom! 

What has your home meant to you over this time?
I’ve always been a homebody; someone who takes great pleasure in their surroundings and making them as lovely as possible. I enjoy spending time at home. I’m so grateful, more than ever, for the safety, comfort and space my home provides, and the luxury of having outside space to enjoy. I am also very grateful indeed that lockdown has coincided with wisteria blossom season! I’ve been throwing the windows open to enjoy the scent and having lunch in the front garden to soak up the view.

Image credits: Portrait front door, Delphine Jouandeau for Ringthebell.com. Bedroom image with rattan shade, Charlotte Bland. Sofa/rug image, Kristy Noble. Portait, white blouse, Harry Crowder. All other images, edit58.
Instagram: @edit.58

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