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oun: the quality of being authentic, real or true
synonyms: genuineness, originality, rightfulness, legitimacy, legality, validity, reliability, dependability, trustworthiness, truth, veracity, 
verity, faithfulness, fidelity, authoritativeness, credibility, accuracy, factualness, historicity

Earthy BeautyEarthy BeautyEARTHY BEAUTY
The rustic interior of Tracey Appel's sensitively restored lodge house has been given a new lease of life with contemporary additions that blend seamlessly with the local landscape.
Content curation, styling and features, Ali Heath. Photography, Emma Lewis.
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The qualities behind the word authenticity, are also values that I look for in my family, friends, work colleagues, people that I approach to feature, who I choose to buy from, where I go on holiday, what I choose to read and importantly how my home makes me feel. Knowing yourself and being true to your values, is important - it determines happiness levels and ultimately how the outside world perceives you. 

Once you allow yourself to connect with your own style, make your own decisions and find your own creative direction, you will find yourself released from the relentless pressures of trends and the need for ever ending change. Layered homes created over time, enhance sustainability, lower land fill and ultimately lead us on a path to living in a way that is true to our own story, showcasing our own memories, treasures and one-off finds. 

On our own individual journey, some will be attracted by vibrant, jewel like colours; others like me will be drawn to palettes in all manner of natural hues - off whites, pale stones, warm greys, soft browns and inky blacks. Working with so much colour in my life as a stylist and writer, I am drawn to a limited spectrum of colour at home - favouring monochrome and earthy shades, which create a restful energy that enables materials, textures and patina to take centre stage. 

What is key though, is allowing yourself to choose what makes you truly tick. Listening to your inner voice, trusting your own judgment and making conscious decisions, for the well being of yourself and the survival of the world around us, is a vital part of the process - and ultimately sets us on our way to creating The Authentic Home. 

I look forward to sharing thoughts, news and details of some my favourite people, places and finds - some local, others international, but always reflecting the very essence of The Authentic Home. 

Thank you for reading. Ali 

Photo Credit: Styling: Ali Heath. Location: Tracey Appel Shoot For Elle Decoration Country. Image: Emma Lewis.



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