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Kalpa (कल्प kalpa)...a Sanskrit word meaning the period of time between the creation & recreation of a world or universe. I am excited to share this new discovery with you, Kalpa Art Living,  a contemporary art and interior concept in Italy, created by multidisciplinary artist Olga Niescier. Her creative vision is to enable a 'unique, spiritually conscious lifestyle concept, where nature, culture and intellect, breathe together to become an aesthetic transcending the sum of its parts'. For Olga, 'art is where your home is,' and what a home it is. No surprise that endless creativity abounds. 

Set in the heart of Tuscany’s stunning ancient Etruscan city of Volterra, just minutes from the world renowned rural resort of Borgo Pignano, Kalpa Art Living has just launched its new home in Palazzo Bonomini on Via Porta all’Arco, a charming street connecting the main square with the famous Porta all’Arco - an Etruscan gate to the city, dating back to 4th century B.C. 

Olga's philosophy is to bring together 'the sophistication of the high arts, with the intuitive passion of the craftsman and the keen eye of the designer.' Art from both local and international names is brought together with a sense of balance, elegance and simplicity - embracing the wabi-wabi sensibility that is so akin to The Authentic Home. Her desire is for you to sense the artworks, leaf through the catalogues and discuss consultancy ideas for your living space - and for nature, soul and mastercraftmanship to weave themselves into the inherent beauty you create within your home.

In the spring of this year, the Palazzo commenced the renovation of two floors dedicated to art exhibitions. The project is being designed and executed through the collaboration of Glen Polessello, the new owner, passionately dedicated to restoring the past beauty; Olga Niescier, the art director of Kalpa Art Living; and the Anima Silvae Cultural Association. The trusted process of giving new life to Palazzo Bonini, is under the guidance of specialists, including conservator/restorer and artist Cristiano Sabelli, building surveyor Paolo Franceschini and architect Simone Bartollini. Considered a national monument, the building is protected by the Soprintendenza Belle Arti of Pisa.

The diverse interiors juxtapose light filled, luminous high-ceilinged rooms, with underground brick vaults and age old stone walls, that date back to medieval and renaissance times. The restoration will take a number of years to complete and spaces will be unveiled gradually - throughout the process, Kalpa Art Living will be immersed in the heart of this.

This summer Kalpa Art Living in collaboration with Anima Silvae Association and Pignano Art Gallery present their new annual art review: 'De Rerum Natura | On the Nature of Things'. The collective exhibition will feature twelve international artists and will run from both the Palazzo and Pignano Art Gallery.  If you are in Tuscany this summer, it will be one not to miss. 

It's 14 years since I visited Volterra - I think it is definitely time to return to this magical place.

Thank you for reading. Ali 

Photo Credit: www.kalpa-art-it. 



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